How It Works

1 - Donor Posts Product

Donors submit product to the network.

2 - Product Matched

Your local Feeding America food bank coordinates logistics in real-time.

3 - Offer & Pickup

Donations are offered to matching agencies based on capacity and availability. First matching agency is given the opportunity to pick up the donation.

Sourcing More Food

Just wanted to let you know how much I love MealConnect. I'm able to print what I'm submitting each week and get a print out of the monthly amount. WHAT A GREAT SYSTEM! Thanks a lot!

Susan, Agency

MealConnect facilitates the easy, safe and quick donation of food from grocery stores, convenience stores and foodservice locations to member food pantries or meal programs. Sourcing more food to meet the need in a community often necessitates enabling a food bank’s member food pantries and meal programs to pick up food directly from donors, but managing these relationships can be both difficult and time-consuming for a food bank.

MealConnect enables food banks to easily oversee the relationships, improve data management and eliminate barriers to food rescue. When a food pantry located a couple miles away from the donor can pick up the product, it saves valuable food bank resources and the need for expensive transportation. Through MealConnect, food that previously might have gone to waste— such as a small load of lean meat from a local butcher—is recovered by one of the food bank’s member food pantries or meal programs and is immediately directed to families in need.


It is our promise that the MealConnect general platform will always be free for our users.