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How It Works

1 - Post Product

Post product on your mobile phone or desktop.

2- Product Matched

Your local Feeding America food bank coordinates logistics in real-time.

3- Pickup

Receive confirmation once your excess product is connected & agency picks up product.

Empowering Food Donors

MealConnect makes our work more effective and efficient, allowing us to get more food to more people in more places.

Lynne Telford, Food Bank

In spring 2017, Feeding America is launching a new component of MealConnect that will empower food donors and revolutionize local food rescue. Any food business can now instantly post their surplus product. The local food bank will be notified of the donation and will dispatch staff from a food pantry or meal program to pick up and distribute the food to their clients. MealConnect will be the only tool of its kind available on a national scale that ensures high food safety standards.


We’re not in it for the money. MealConnect is part of Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. Our network is made up of thousands of non-profits that respond locally to your donation posts. These partner food banks and food pantries all adhere to industry-standard food safe handling guidelines and are audited regularly to ensure they do things the right way.